Impacting Panels
We are extremely excited to showcase the lineup of impactful panels. 
Athletic Directors
Athletic directors, Career technical educators
This panel will center discussions around the athletic directors taking a role in esports.  scholarships for students playing esports at the collegiate level.
Esports in Education
Career technical educators, teachers, students
This discussion center around the struggles bringing esports to your school district.  The Career technical educator being a sponsor to the school district.
Esports Careers
Teachers, Students, parents, STEM Authors

This discussion will center around future technology careers.
Influencers, Content Creators
This discussion will be around how to be an esports influencers.  Tips and tricks around being an influencer.
Interested in being on a panel or sponsorship?  reach out to Rock Hill Esports:   [email protected]
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Schedule Day 1
8:00 am
Intro Welcome
DJ, Music, Lets go!!!!!
10:00 am
Drone Race League 1st Heats
Drone flying at its best!!!!
1:00 pm
Esports in Education Part 1

How do we implement an esports program?
Conference Location
Winthrop Coliseum
1162 Eden Terrace, Rock Hill, SC 29730
News & Updates
Join us for a kick-off Hour 
Posted April 22 
Call for Speakers!
Posted April 20
Are you an esports influencer?  Do you manage an esports team?  Are you an educator experiencing roadblocks attempting to implement an esports program? Join a panel [email protected] !!!

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